RoundofThree (Zhuo Ying Jiang Li)



Coding in Golang, Python …

Hacking in HackTheBox, Leetcode, Kaggle …

Reading all things about infosec …

Playing Genshin …

Loving ACG!


  • In descending order of proficiency: Python, Golang, C++, Rust, Ruby, Java
  • Web backend: Golang Gin, Ruby on Rails, Express
  • Scripting: Python, Golang
  • Windows Internals and forensics
  • Malware analysis (maldocs, js, powershell) and reverse engineering assembly
  • Pentesting vulnerable boxes and networks at HackTheBox
  • ML: Tensorflow, XGBoost, LightGBM, Optuna
  • Artificial Intelligence Planning: PDDL
  • Web frontend: VueJS 3, React
  • Mobile app: React Native
  • LaTex


  • Hacker tools and exploits
  • Web/Software development
    • MapReduce minimal implementation in Golang (MIT Distributed Systems 6.824). See official course page.
    • Raft implementation in Golang (MIT Distributed Systems 6.824)
    • Nyxeon (Golang Gin + VueJS 3 first project)
    • King’s College London Chinese Alumni Association website CMS API and online payment (Ruby on Rails). Private.
    • Online health monitoring and scheduling system (Ruby on Rails). School project.
    • King’s College London Chinese Student Association WeChat miniprogram. Private.
    • Bank scam honeypot web application (Ruby on Rails). School project.
    • AirBnB market listing desktop application (JavaFX, first year coursework).
  • ML & CV & AI algorithms
    • Kaggle workflow: a template to clean, do feature engineering, model and ensemble (Python)
    • Kaggle competitions repositories and notebooks (Python, ScikitLearn, Tensorflow, XGBoost, LightGBM)
    • Sokoban solver using PDDL (OPTIC solver)
    • Python scripts: watermark removal, DPLL SAT solver…
    • Google Hashcode: traffic planning (Python)


  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling training at SANS Institute
  • GIAC GCIH certified
  • Joined the GIAC Advisory Board
  • King’s College London Computer Science First & Second Year Award
  • King’s College London Computer Science with Management Award
  • IB 45 points
  • Silver medal at Iberoamerican Chemistry Olympics
  • Silver medals at Spanish National Chemistry and Physics Olympics